Open Access Short Research Article

Electronic Structure of Two New Bis-Schiff Base Ligands using DFT Method

Elham Abdalrahem Bin Selim, Mohammed Hadi Al–Douh, Hassan Hadi Abdullah, Dahab Salim Al–Nohey

Asian Journal of Applied Chemistry Research, Page 10-15
DOI: 10.9734/ajacr/2021/v10i230231

Two bis-Schiff Bases 1 and 2 are ligands that can coordinate with manganese metal to form stable complexes and have biological activity. Thermodynamic parameters, HOMO-LUMO energy levels and FTIR spectra of two ligands have been computed using B3LYP/6-311++G(d,p) functional of the DFT calculations. Both ligands are favored thermodynamically, and the ligand 1 has been shown to be more stable than ligand 2. The Polarizability values of two ligands have been investigated. The results refer that ligand 2 interacts earlier than ligand 1 to the metal ion. The FTIR spectra of two ligands have been evaluated. All results show the good agreement between the theoretical and experimental data.

Open Access Original Research Article

Knowledge and Attitude towards Label Claim and Health Benefits of Dark Chocolates among Customers of Oman—Cross-Sectional Survey

Nirmala Halligudi, Mullaicharam Bhupathyraaj, Saleem Desai, Alaa Mohammed Bait Ateeq, Saja Yaareb Abdullah, Muna Salim Al Rahbi

Asian Journal of Applied Chemistry Research, Page 1-9
DOI: 10.9734/ajacr/2021/v10i230230

Dark chocolate is one of the most studied foods in the recent period due to its potential effects and health benefits. Admittedly, people's attitudes and acceptance of dark chocolate are still unknown. The cross-sectional study was aimed to determine the usage and effect of dark chocolate on health. It also aimed to study the attitude of young adults in Oman towards the consumption of dark chocolate and to discover the most preferred brands of DC in the Omani market. The study was conducted from spring 2020 to Fall 2021 in Oman. Two types of surveys were conducted. Firstly, a product survey was done to compare some brands according to the price, ingredient, expiry date, and country of origin. Secondly, across sectional-based survey was done focusing on the health benefits of consuming dark chocolate. Three hundred and forty-five (345) respondents participated in completing this survey. The results proved that many people are now aware of the health benefits of dark chocolate. The majority of the participants expressed their knowledge of the health aspect of dark chocolate and their interest in choosing the best product by examining the ingredients - especially the cocoa percentage- of the product before purchasing.