FAAS, FT-IR and XRD Identification of Natural and Heat Treated Opals Located in Wadla Woreda, North Wello, Ethiopia

Adere Tarekegne Habte, Shiferaw Dessie Mekonnen, Adugna Nigatu Alene, Gietu Yirga Abate

Page: 1-8
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Nutritional and Physico-Chemical Evaluation of Four Different Packed Mango Juice Samples

Patil Pandurang N., Noora K. Al- Quititi, Siham M. Al- Jabri, Bothaina A. Al- Siyabi

Page: 9-15
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Treatment of Poultry Wastewater Using Shells from African Cherry Seeds, Egg and Crab

Abimbola O. Aleshinloye, Kemayou Ngangsso, Feyisara B. Adaramola, Adebayo Onigbinde

Page: 16-30
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Evaluation of African Star Apple (Chrysophyllum albidum) Seed Oil as a Potential Feedstock for Industrial Application

Otache Monday Abel, Amagbor Stella Chinelo, Inweh Cynthia, Godwin Kparobo Agbajor

Page: 31-42
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Impact of COVID-19 Induced Lockdown on Air Pollution and Remediation Measures

I. A. Kangiwa, M. I. Mohammed

Page: 43-52
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