Degradation of Congo Red Dye Using Homogeneous Photo Fenton Catalyst Coupled with Oxygen Kinetics and Statistical Analysis

Mohammed Mahmmod Molla-Babaker, Shinwar Ahmed Idreesb

Page: 1-9
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Comparative Phytochemical and Anti-microbial Studies of Leaf, Stem, Root of Spathodea companulata

C. E. Anarado, C. J. O. Anarado, N. L. Umedum, Q. M. Ogbodo

Page: 10-20
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Hazard Quotient and Bioaccumulation Assessment of 26 Organochlorine Pesticides in Water, Sediment and Fish (Tilapia zilli) Warri River, Niger Delta Region - Southern Nigeria

Oghenekohwiroro Edjere, Justina Ukpebor, Felix E. Okieimen, Thomas Glaettli

Page: 21-33
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Synthesis and Characterization of Schiff Base Complexes of Cu(II), Co(II) and Cd(II) Derived from Ethylenediamine and Benzaldehyde Derivatives

Md. Shahinur Islam, Md. Rezaul Haque Ansary, Md. Akhter Farooque, Md. Ali Asraf

Page: 34-46
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Characterization of Water Hyacinth Powder Using FTIR Spectroscopy and the Adsorption Behaviour of Pb2+, Cd2+, Zn2+, Ni2+ and Cr2+ in Aqueous Solution

J. M. Munene, J. O. Onyatta, A. O. Yusuf

Page: 47-55
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Simultaneous Densitometric and UPLC Methods for the Determination of Paracetamol and Metoclopramide HCL

Azza Abdel-Nasir Mahmoud, Noha Salem Rashed, Manal Mohamed Fouad

Page: 56-67
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