A Structural Investigation on Polystyrene with Cyclohexene Mid-Chain Group: Thermal Stability and Self-Assembly Kinetics in Nonpolar and Polar Aprotic Solutions

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Ilghar Orujalipoor
Semra Ide
Sevgi Bayarı
Mustafa Degirmenci
Omer Celik


This study was focused on cyclohexene (CH) mid-chain functional polymer of polystyrene (PSt-CH-PSt) because of its potential application in nanotechnology and its possible usage in hierarchical structures.

Molecular and nano scale structural characterizations and thermal behavior of the powder form PSt-CH-PSt functional polymer were carried out by FTIR, SAXS, XRD and DSC methods. Solutions of PSt-CH-PSt in tetrahydrofuran and chloroform were also investigated by SAXS and FTIR.

The stable one type nano particles which have oblate core-shell shape were determined in powder form and in solution of PSt-CH-PSt. The self-assembly kinetics of the polymer indicate that the mid chain part location in oblate core shell aggregations may be controlled by polar aprotic THF and nonpolar CLF solvent effects. Exponential decreasing in oblate shell volumes of PSt-CH-PSt nano globules in THF as a function of temperature was also determined by SAXS.

Polystyrene (PSt), cylohexene, ATRP, oblate micelles, SAXS, FTIR.

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Orujalipoor, I., Ide, S., Bayarı, S., Degirmenci, M., & Celik, O. (2021). A Structural Investigation on Polystyrene with Cyclohexene Mid-Chain Group: Thermal Stability and Self-Assembly Kinetics in Nonpolar and Polar Aprotic Solutions. Asian Journal of Applied Chemistry Research, 8(1), 1-12. https://doi.org/10.9734/ajacr/2021/v8i130181
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