Using the Natural Fixative from Canarium Resin of Vietnam

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Le Huy Hai
Le Mai Xuan Truc


Aim and Objectives: Nowadays, the fixative substance from natural materials is gradually replacing the fixative substance that has been synthesized from chemicals. The purpose of the study in this research is that we created a natural fragrance from Vietnamese raw material with a fixative from Canarium Album (Lour) as a natural fixative to replace artificial fixative.  Canarium plant is scientifically known as Canarium Album (Lour) Raensch of the Burseraceae family. Canarium Album L. is distributed in most of Northern provinces, central Highlands, and Southeast of Vietnam.

Materials and Methods: The method of this process is resin extraction by volatile solvents.  We use a knife to cut into the trunk and let the resin run out, then harvest this resin to make fixative. The resin is dissolved in alcohol 96% and the distilled alcohol is removed to obtain absolute Canarium. Evaluation method of the ability of absolute Canarium is performed by comparing it with other fixatives in fragrances. Raw canarium resins is taken directly from canarium plants then refined absolute canarium as the natural fixative. We use this fixative substance in combinations of floral, woody smells and comparison with traditional artificial fixative as Musk ketone, Musk xylene, Musk ambrette.

Results: The comparison results show that the ability to keep the fragrance of scent is lower than musk ambrette, musk ketone but it is better than musk xylene. Thus, canarium resin can be used as a natural fixative to replace artificial fixative in fragrance.

Conclusions: Through research and experiment, we can see Canarium resin is precious. It can be used as a good fixative in aromatherapy. This is a natural resin, a kind of resource available in Vietnam. Therefore, it is recommended for further research, exploitation, and effective use of this resource.

Canarium, natural fixative, extraction, fragrance

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Hai, L. H., & Truc, L. M. X. (2021). Using the Natural Fixative from Canarium Resin of Vietnam. Asian Journal of Applied Chemistry Research, 7(2), 33-39.
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