Amino Acid Profile and Mineral Content of Balanites aegyptiaca Kernel

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I. U. Muhammad
A. J. Alhassan
Y. Ramatu
A. Mohammad
A. Nasir
A. I. Yaradua
I. Alexander
Y. Umar
M. D. Ezema


Study on the evaluation of the nutritional quality of poorly utilized plant products is of immense importance. This research work, therefore, evaluates the amino acid profile and mineral content of Balanites aegyptiaca kernel using standard analytical methods. The amino acid profile analysis revealed the presence of essential and the non-essential amino acids of which Total sulphur and Total aromatic amino acids content were 2.86 g/100 g protein and 7.21 g/100 g protein respectively. Analysis of the mineral content showed the presence of the following minerals in the order; Magnesium ˃ Sodium ˃ Calcium ˃ Potassium ˃ Iron ˃ Zinc ˃ Manganese ˃ Lead ˃ Copper ˃ Nickel ˃ Chromium ˃ Cadmium. The kernel could, therefore, be used as a good source of protein and minerals in supplementing other sources in order to reduce food insecurity and hence malnutrition from lack of protein diets.

Amino acid profile, mineral content, Balanites aegyptiaca, Kernel

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U. Muhammad, I., Alhassan, A. J., Ramatu, Y., Mohammad, A., Nasir, A., I. Yaradua, A., Alexander, I., Umar, Y., & D. Ezema, M. (2018). Amino Acid Profile and Mineral Content of Balanites aegyptiaca Kernel. Asian Journal of Applied Chemistry Research, 1(4), 1-7.
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